Career Coaching Resume:

*High School Baseball Coach for 20 years in the Shore Conference

*St. John Vianney Asst. Coach (2018-2019)

*Midd South Asst. Coach (2017)

*St. Rose Head Coach (2015-2016) 

*CBA Asst. Coach (2012-2014)

*RBR Head Coach (2010-2011)

*RBR Asst. Coach (2009)

*Midd South Asst. Coach (2008)

*Marlboro Head Coach (2006-2007)

*CBA Asst. Coach (2000-2005)

*Virginia Wesleyan Asst. Coach (1999)

 Catching School Details:
*Follows Winter Clinic
*8 Sessions
*Available to Catchers in Grades 3-8! 
*Cost: $195/Catcher
*Available to Softball Players!
*Pitchers will be present!
*Note: You do not have to complete Registration Form if you already completed it for Winter Clinic.